The Workshop. Investigations Into an Artistic-Political Format

Fritz Thyssen Project „Collective Realization – The Workshop as an Artistic-Political Format“ (Institute for Theatre Studies, Ruhr University, Bochum) in collaboration with the ICI Berlin and the PSR project ‚Our Dance‘ (Heizhaus/Uferstudios GmbH) in Berlin
Fr. 26.03. bis So. 28.03.

This international conference will investigate the workshop at the intersection of art, politics, and economy, examining the format both in its historical success and in its relevance for current notions of collectivity. In addition to revisiting the history of artist-organized workshops from the 1960s to the present – with special attention also to the 1990s and early 2000s –, it will try to outline a genealogy, which includes the role of workshops in politicizing education, in grassroots political movements, in body-centered therapeutical approaches, in mediation, and in post-Fordist designs of organizing work. The conference will also present and analyze artistic work that critically-affirmatively engages with, and reflects on, the workshop. It will take place at the ICI Berlin and at Heizhaus (Uferstudios GmbH) in Berlin from March 26-28, 2021 (there will be an additional live streaming). Please register in advance until March 15 by mail and inform us about the days and parts of the conference in which you want to participate. [read more]