»Temporal Communities and Digitality – Theatre during the Pandemic«

Start: Mo. 19.04., 18 Uhr, via Cisco Webex [weitere Termine]
It was the middle of March 2020 when Germany went into lockdown. Back then, there had already been a curfew in Wuhan, China, for several weeks. In many other countries in Europe and worldwide, public life was abruptly shut down. The consequences for the cultural sector have been dire everywhere. In the second part of the series of events entitled „Temporal Communites and Digitality – Theatre During the Pandemic“, theatre directors, theatre artsts and scholars from Bosnia-Herzegovina, South Africa, Iran and Israel will report on the practical effects on theatre operations and their work. They will examine the various strategies with which stage and theater creators have reacted to this situation, online and offline. Together with researchers from the Cluster of Excellence „Temporal Communities – Doing Literature in a Global Perspective“, they will discuss how the global crisis of the theater has created new temporal communities and to what extent these are created under the conditions of digitality. The event will be delivered via the Cisco Webex video service. To participate, with the opportunity to ask questions and discuss, please write an E-Mail to Judith König. [weiterlesen]